Willem Dafoe on 'The Florida Project,' Boot Camp for 'Platoon' and More

“It was a 1946 BMW. Can you imagine that?” the actor said of the last motorcycle he drove on the set of Wes Anderson’s ‘The Grand Budapest Hotel.’

THR cover star Willem Dafoe dives into the fish bowl for a special edition of Fishing for Answers.

The actor, who received his third Oscar nomination for The Florida Project, answered questions based on his large body of work, including Platoon, The Loveless and even the time he portrayed Marilyn Monroe in a Snickers commercial.

When asked about the dynamic between himself and his Shadow of a Vampire co-star John Malkovich, Dafoe lovingly responded, “We’re sweethearts together.”

And what did his little Florida Project star Brooklynn Prince teach him on set? “Humility,” he replied. 

The actor has filmed all over the world, but according to Dafoe, there’s something special about working in New York City. When asked about the best part of filming in the city, he answered, “Around 4 or 5 o’clock, when the people that are out are going home and the people going to work each meet each other. That’s a very magical hour, because you don’t normally get to see that happen when you’re sober and not one of those two groups.”