Willem Dafoe Opens Up About the World He "Did Not Know" in 'The Florida Project'

The actor discusses the housing crisis and working with child actors on Sean Baker's film.

Following up indie hit Tangerine, Sean Baker's latest offering is The Florida Project, a movie that follows the adventures had by two 6-year-old girls living in a motel called the Magic Castle, across the poverty line from Walt Disney World in Orlando. 

In The Hollywood Reporter's interview series, "In Studio," actor Willem Dafoe, who plays the hotel manager in the film, dropped by to talk about The Florida Project and what he learned while making it.

"It introduced me to do a world I did not know," Dafoe says of the film and its topic.

The actor also speaks in the interview about the economic crash and housing crisis that left a lot of people struggling to find a permanent place to live.

"It sets of a way of living that is precarious and makes them very vulnerable," he explains. "We're also seeing it through the eyes of kids [in The Florida Project] -- and they're on summer vacation, hanging out. That's sort of the world."

Watch the full interview in the video above.