William H. Macy of 'Shameless' on Choosing Projects: "Do the Good Stuff, Don't Do the Bad Stuff" | Comedy Actor Roundtable

"The few times I've done stuff for money, about halfway through I thought, 'This isn't anywhere near the amount of money I need to do this,'" said Macy.

"I like not knowing where [the story] is going because you play it for what it is," William H. Macy told The Hollywood Reporter of his leading role on Showtime's Shameless. "I sometimes think this whole thing, that we do an arc of the piece, I don't know if that's an actor's job, it's more a director's job."

As one of the actors with a career of longevity on the roundtable (Macy also joined the likes of Kevin Bacon and Ted Dason), he offered advice on how to navigate success in the entertainment industry. "It's never enough money," he said of doing "the bad stuff."

"When I started my career I used to ask myself: What does this script have to do with the human condition? Then about halfway through my career I started to ask: How much will I get paid? And now I ask: Do I have to get wet?"

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