William Shatner and Amanda Tapping to Co-Star in Web Drama

Acting duo will voice online animated series for MyOuterspace.com, Shatner's social website.

TORONTO – What happens at Comic-Con apparently goes online: William Shatner and Amanda Tapping (Sanctuary, Stargate SG-1) are teaming up in The Zenoids, an animated series to launch on Shatner’s social website MyOuterspace.com.

The actors met last summer at the San Diego comic book geekfest for the launch of MyOuterspace.com, with Tapping recalling that she joked at the time they should do a show together.

“Who knew it would come true?,” Tapping asked after Shatner recently rang her out of the blue with a co-starring role on four webisodes to start production in late February.

The Zenoids portrays a family of space-faring Amphibinoid musicians who travel the galaxy performing their musical act, with Shatner and Tapping as a husband-and-wife team trying to keep their superstar dreams alive.

The online drama will cloud-source for story-lines by asking Shatner fans to submit scripts through an online submission process, with one winning script to be produced as an animated short webisode of The Zenoids.