William Shatner Reveals How He Learned of Emmy Win Early

The former "Boston Legal" star says he focused on the announcer's mouth to see if he was calling the actor's name -- and knew before he got to the "ill" sound.

William Shatner spent decades playing Captain Kirk, but didn't experience Emmy glory until he was in his 70s. And his victories in 2004 for The Practice and 2005 for Boston Legal were all the sweeter for it.

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"I was fixated on the announcer's mouth – because 'William' – you have to purse your lips together [to say it]," Shatner says of one of his two wins. "I'm looking for the 'Woo.' "

Before the announcer got to the "ill" sound in his name, Shatner knew he'd won. The actor was photographed alongside fellow Emmy icon Cloris Leachman for the Sept. 27 issue of The Hollywood Reporter magazine. The two got into a little dispute during the shoot.

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Leachman, who has received 22 Emmy nominations and won eight times, maintained she hadn't met Shatner before the shoot. Not so, says Shatner.

"We've known each other a long time," Shatner says. "This is terrible. You don't even remember me and you are indelibly inked into my memory."

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