Williams leaves Arizona rehab center


LONDON (Reuters) - Pop star Robbie Williams has left a U.S. rehabilitation center, his spokeswoman said on Wednesday, but declined to comment on reports he had left early.

Williams has been in rehab for prescription drug addiction since February 13 -- the day he celebrated his 33rd birthday -- but the singer is now in L.A., where he owns a home.

British tabloid newspaper, The Sun, reported he had quit his month-long treatment at the Cottonwood de Tucson center in Arizona -- described as the harshest rehab clinic in the U.S. -- a week early.

Patients are required to share a bedroom with two others and undergo intensive group and individual therapy sessions at the $1,353-a-night center, the paper said.

The spokeswoman said in a statement: "Robbie Williams has completed his stay in Arizona and is continuing with an after-care program in L.A." She declined to elaborate.

One of Europe's most successful entertainers, Williams rose to fame as a member of the hit boy band "Take That" before forging a successful solo career in the past decade.

Williams, who was born in Britain, has a history of struggling with addictions and was treated for drug and alcohol dependency after Take That split up in 1995.

His latest album, Rudebox, has had mixed reviews in Britain and sold just under a million copies in the United States.

His old band have reformed without him and had a number one hit single in the British charts at the weekend. Their album sits at number two in the charts.

The Sun said Williams was now being cared for by his mother Jan who is a drink and drugs counselor.