Willie Nelson Wins Most Stylish Man at the Grammys

Willie Nelson Performing at Grammys - P 2014
Matt Sayles/Invision/AP

Willie Nelson Performing at Grammys - P 2014

While he didn't quite match the prowess of Pharrell's hat, the country crooner combined every major Grammys trend in one single ensemble, nude lips and braids included.

This year's Grammys looked a little funky. The typically crazed red carpet — with its Gaga eggs, J. Lo dresses and out-of-place jeans and sneakers ensembles — was oddly tame, save for Madonna's grill and Pharrell's two ugly hats. So it isn't that outer-limits that Willie Nelson — the 80-year-old, 420-happy country singer who currently serves as the face of John Varvatos — happened to combine every single major Grammys night trend into one single look. And although this was likely a coincidence, it's worth taking note. 

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The singer sported his signature braids -- which similarly showed up on nominee Sara Bareilles, Chrissy Teigen and Colbie Caillat and constituted a beauty trend. 

Nelson wore a hat. As did Pharrell, Yoko Ono, Madonna, Ben Harper, someone from Nirvana, Sean Lennon's girlfriend and others.

Then — like Anna Faris, Pink and Rita Ora — Nelson kept his lips ashen and nude. 

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Finishing off his trend-heavy look was a black suit, similarly sported by Madonna, Ono, and Black Sabbath member Tony Iommi. And we must opine that Nelson looked spiffier in his suit than the Material Girl did in hers.

Yes, it was a weird Grammys for fashion indeed. But somehow Nelson made it all work. We applaud him.