Willow Smith Goes From Whipping to Shaving and Dying Her Hair Green (Poll)


Will Smith's 11-year-old daughter sets a color hair trend. Is she a little young to be whipping, shaving, now dying her hair?

Willow Smith shot to fame with a catchy tune called "Whip My Hair," a peppy song that had millions of  young girls whirling their heads around, just like Willow did in her music video. Then she up and shaved her head in February 2012, a trend which -- thankfully -- millions of young girls did not embrace. 

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Now the young performer has dyed her hair a bright Kermit the Frog green and tweeted out an Instagram of herself jumping up and down in a colorful  tie-dye T-shirt. 

All this hair experimenting seems like a lot of freedom for such a young girl. But on the upside, hair does grow back and hair color fades. The same thing cannot be said for permanent tattoos and drastic piercings. Plus she is an entertainer, with a stage presence, albeit a very young one.

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But tell us: Would you let your 11-year-old daughter dye her hair green?

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