Wilson wants to record 'Lucky Old Sun'


LONDON -- Brian Wilson intends to record "That Lucky Old Sun," the new work he premiered at London's Royal Festival Hall on Monday, the Beach Boy legend said.

Wilson said there is no specific timetable in mind for the recording. "I enjoy playing in Europe because they always give me standing ovations, and react differently to each of the songs we play," he said. "We hope to record ("That Lucky Old Sun"), but at the moment we're just presenting it to the audience."

The veteran artist, who claims to be currently unsigned, spoke with Billboard.biz during the London leg of his Sept. 10-23 U.K. tour. His set features song titles such as "Morning Beat," "Forever You'll Be My Surfer Girl," and "California Role."

Wilson suggests the new songs are close to the California sunshine-spirit found in seminal Beach Boy albums such as "Pet Sounds," and the now-legendary "Smile," a 1960s solo work which remained uncompleted until 2004. The completed version of "Smile" was also first performed at the RFH.

" 'Smile' had a happy atmosphere with many little snippets, as did 'Pet Sounds,' " Wilson said, "but 'That Lucky Old Sun' doesn't have snippets; it has full songs."

With lyrics by Scott Bennett, "That Lucky Old Sun" features spoken narratives written by Van Dyke Parks, who worked with Wilson on "Smile."