Wim Wenders shooting 3-D dance feature

Director will work with choreographer Pina Bausch

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CANNES -- Palme d'Or winner and digital film enthusiast Wim Wenders' next project is "Pina," a collaboration with avant-garde choreographer Pina Bausch on what is being called the first 3-D dance feature.

Shooting is set to begin in September, with Wenders' Neue Road Movies shingle producing in collaboration with Bausch's dance theater in Wuppertal, Germany.

"Only mainstream 3-D films have been available so far," Neue Road producer Gian-Piero Ringel said. "With 'Pina,' we (will) offer the first highly artistic 3-D film. We will set a new benchmark for 3-D."

Bausch, whose unique choreography is credited with revolutionizing the language of modern dance, will act as choreographer for the dance performance Wenders plans to capture on film.

French cinematographer Alain Derobe will lens the film.

Wenders' longtime sales partners Hanway Films will handle international rights.

The director's last feature, "Palermo Shooting," premiered last year In Competition at Cannes.