Taylor Sheridan Battles the Elements to Make 'Wind River' (Exclusive Video)

Jeremy Renner and Elizabeth Olsen star in the thriller set on a Native American reservation in Wyoming.

Wind River is the anticipated finale to director Taylor Sheridan’s “Modern American Frontier” trilogy, following the critically acclaimed Sicario and Hell or High Water. Sheridan penned the screenplays for Sicario and Hell or High Water, and not only wrote the script but directed Wind River.

Here, The Hollywood Reporter premieres an exclusive behind-the-scenes featurette for the movie. In it, the cast talks about Sheridan's abilities as a director and storyteller.

“I like to think of Taylor as either a modern-day cowboy or the Marlboro man," says actress Elizabeth Olsen in the video. "I think you can throw him in any extreme element and he’s fine, somehow."

She adds: "The coolest thing about him as a writer is that everything he writes about he’s already been fully immersed in, so any question you have — he’ll have the answer for it."

Wind River debuted at Sundance in January, and Sheridan won the Un Certain Regard award for Best Director at Cannes in May.

The film stars Jeremy Renner as Cory Lambert, a wildlife officer with a tragic backstory. After Lambert discovers a dead girl’s body on a Native American reservation in Wyoming, he works with an FBI agent and the girl’s parents to investigate the murder. The film also stars Olsen as the FBI agent, as well as Gil Birmingham, Julia Jones and Kelsey Chow.

The Hollywood Reporter’s review from Sundance noted that Wind River “delivers shrewd insights into troubling American social issues in a punchy, action-and-violence-filled package.”

The Weinstein Co. will release Wind River in theaters Aug. 4.