Winter Olympics: Shirtless Tongan Flag Bearer Goes Viral (Again)

Pita Taufatofua of Tonga leads the team during the Opening Ceremony - Getty -H 2018
Jamie Squire/Getty Images

Audience viewers gushed about Tonga's Pita Taufatofua on Twitter.

The famous shirtless Tongan flag bearer, Pita Taufatofua, made his grand entrance once again in the opening ceremony of Friday's Winter Olympics in Pyeongchang, South Korea. 

Taufatofua first garnered attention during the 2016 Rio Olympics, after carrying the Tongan flag shirtless and oiled up, leaving viewers in a frenzy. Though the temperature at the Rio Olympics was in the warm 70s, Taufatofua surprised viewers by reappearing shirtless despite the much cooler 26 degrees in South Korea. 

The buzzed-about flag bearer competed in tae kwon do in the Rio Olympics, but for the Winter Olympics, Taufatofua will compete as a cross-country skier, making him the second Winter Olympian from Tonga. He is also the first Olympic cross-country skier from the Polynesian archipelago.

Taufatofua's return immediately began trending on Twitter, with users praising the Olympian for braving the freezing temperature.