'The Wire' Cast Reunites in Baltimore to Read Residents' Monologues

Omar Little, 'The Wire'

Omar (Michael K. Williams) was based on Baltimore area robber Donnie Andrews. During the show's run, the gay stick-up man expressed a dislike for profanity and lived by a strict moral code. He also refused to rob or threaten people not involved in "the game" (aka, drug trafficking).

Dominic West, Michael K. Williams and Wendell Pierce were among the participants.

The cast of HBO's The Wire reunited in Baltimore on Saturday to celebrate the city's real-life residents. 

Dominic West (Det. Jimmy McNulty), Michael K. Williams (Omar), Wendell Pierce (Det. Bunk Moreland) and Felicia Pearson (Felicia) were among the cast members in attendance at Wired Up!, a free event aimed at highlighting the city's resiliency, according to CBS Baltimore

Sonja Sohn (Det. Kima Greggs) told the Baltimore Sun before the event that the former castmembers would be reading monologues written by the residents, some of whom were set to be on stage with the actors.

"One thing we as artists can give back is that we know the power of storytelling," Sohn said. "We know how it heals and radiates outward and what it inspires in other people. And so, we're going to give a platform to these folks who felt they were not being heard."

The city has had a tough year, having endured riots in April and May centered on the death of Freddie Gray after his arrest.