Wirecard Scandal Reporters Dan McCrum, Paul Murphy Sign With WME

Dan McCrum and Paul Murphy-Publicity -Split-H 2020
Courtesy of Subjects

The veteran Financial Times journalists investigated and exposed a German fintech company for alleged fraud and forgery.

Two Financial Times reporters, Dan McCrum and Paul Murphy, who investigated and uncovered the Wirecard scandal, are expanding their media profile by signing with WME in all areas.

WME will represent the veteran financial markets reporters across film, TV books and podcasts. Murphy oversaw the five-year investigation into the star German fintech firm, with McCrum acting as the lead reporter.

The duo exposed the biggest accounting fraud case since Enron, with Wirecard, the German company, at one time being valued at $25 billion and having claimed it would end the use of cash by digitizing payments. McCrum and Murphy through their reporting uncovered a network of fraudulent activity at Wirecard, including inflating sales, deals with money launderers and misleading its auditor.

For their efforts, the journalists faced retaliation from Wirecard, including hacking, a sting operation and a criminal complaint filed in German court. McCrum and Murphy’s reporting eventually led to the insolvency of Wirecard.

McCrum has been with the Financial Times for 13 years, and served as the Editor of FT Alphaville, the financial blog, Capital Market Editor, and served as the financial newspaper's investment correspondent in New York.

Murphy is a veteran financial markets journalist who now runs the Financial Times' investigative unit. He previously founded the newspaper's financial blog, FT Alphaville.

McCrum and Murphy signing with WME comes as Hollywood talent agencies are aiming to represent non-traditional media players like gamers and sport athletes with growing online communities, much as they have film and TV stars.