Wireless, HDTV markets moving together

Report sees 1 mil wireless installations by 2012

BRUSSELS -- The emerging markets for wireless applications and high-definition TV are slowly coalescing, and there will be an estimated 1 million wireless HDTV installations worldwide by 2012, according to a report published Wednesday.

The market is still in its incubation stage, with fewer than 100,000 devices expected to ship this year, the study from ABI Research said.

The report goes on to say that wireless will simplify installations and allow more flexibility in positioning televisions. It says there are both commercial applications -- digital signage, for example -- as well as domestic applications such as wall-mounting a flat-screen HDTV.

"The initial sweet spot in the market is where wired installation would be difficult or complicated," ABI analyst Steve Wilson said.

A key to the success of wireless HDTV is what technology to use, and how soon the industry can settle on one of the three competing systems, using 5 GHz, 60 GHz and ultra wideband (UWB).
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