Witwer, Freeman two new 'Smallville' villains

Series fills Doomsday, Tess Mercer roles for Season 8

"Smallville" has found actors to play its two new villains, casting Sam Witwer ("Battlestar Galactica") and Cassidy Freeman ("Finishing the Game: The Search for a New Bruce Lee") to join the show for its upcoming eighth season.

Witwer will play Doomsday, aka Davis Bloome, a paramedic forced to confront a burgeoning darkness inside him. Freeman is Tess Mercer, the acting CEO of LuthorCorp. who was was picked by Lex Luthor to succeed him before he vanished last season.

"We're thrilled that Sam and Cassidy will be joining the cast, and we have some very exciting things in store for them, their characters and 'Smallville' fans for this season," executive producers Kelly Souders, Brian Peterson, Todd Slavkin and Darren Swimmer said in a statement. "They are both incredibly talented performers, and we cannot wait to begin to work with them."

Witwer played Alex "Crashdown" Quartararo on series "BSG," while Freeman also had a guest-starring role on "Cold Case."