Wiz Khalifa Samples 'Stranger Things' Theme Song on New Track

Wiz Khalifa - H 2016
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Wiz Khalifa - H 2016

He unveiled a tune on Sunday named after the sci-fi series.

Now that his High Road summer tour with Snoop Dogg has wrapped, Wiz Khalifa apparently has time to catch up on the latest Netflix picks. And it sounds like he's just as obsessed with Stranger Things as the rest of us. 

On Sunday, he unveiled a tune named after the sci-fi series, featuring a beat that samples its opening theme song, written by Kyle Dixon and Michael Stein. 

Fellow Taylor Gang homie J.R. Donato guests on "Stranger Things" and is pictured in the single's cover art. 

The song — produced by E. Dan, Big Jerm and Sayez — includes the lyrics: "It's like I'm talking to a stranger / Now everybody getting stranger / They're stranger / I think I'm in danger, gotta wake my game up / Gotta stay the same, watching everybody change / Ah now they're getting stranger."

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This article originally appeared on Billboard.com.