WMA to play ball with Dodgers

Will identify areas where the two can partner

WMA and the Los Angeles Dodgers have formed a "strategic alliance" in which the two companies will work together to identify potential title partnership opportunities in the marketplace.

As part of the agreement, WMA will be granted the ability to formally approach potential partners for naming rights on various physical properties around Dodger Stadium. The properties include several new areas that have yet to be built and are expected to be part of the Dodgers' "Next 50" project, which is scheduled for completion in 2012.

Naming rights to the actual stadium are not expected to be sold.

"The opportunities are virtually limitless and the results will lead to new revenue streams that will continue to help the franchise field a championship-caliber baseball team year in and year out," said Dodger exec vp and COO Dennis Mannion.

WMA chairman and CEO Jim Wiatt said the agency's aim was to broaden the Dodgers beyond just baseball and take the them to "the cross section of entertainment and business."