WMA script guru finds space pirates in the Valley


As the head of the William Morris Agency story department, Adam Novak is always looking for the next great script. But it was a set rather than a screenplay that led to him getting involved in the sexy-pirates-in-space splatter fest

"Plaguers." "The director, Brad Sykes, had found this amazing stage in the Valley, and the owner gave it to him for practically nothing," Novak says. "He basically wrote the script around the stage."

A hangar-sized 1970s vision of a spaceship, that stage was packed with outer space props left over from the 50 B-movies and music videos shot there over the years.

"My brother called and said he saw the set on a soft-core porn movie on Showtime," jokes Novak, a lifelong horror fan who displays framed posters of "Halloween" and "Phantasm" in his office at the agency he joined in 1989 as Charlie Sheen's personal script reader before heading the department for the past 15 years.

Novak and his family's Rockaway Pictures raised $1 million to pay for 12 days of shooting and the requisite gore makeup, as well as a team of six busty actresses to play the white-eyed pirates and actor Steve Railsback to star as the ship's half-man, half-cyborg scientist. Repped by sales agent Jon Sheinberg, the film will premiere at next week's Estepona International Fantasy-Horror-Sci-Fi Film Festival in Spain -- not that Novak is bragging in the halls at his day job.

"People at the agency aren't even aware of the film," he says. "Another person might have used their connections to get a star for it, but that was never my intention. I'm just a big fan."