WMA in step with Web vid provider


WMA has struck a formal partnership with Narrowstep, an IP content provider that manages, distributes and commercializes video on the Internet.

Together, the two will connect content creators, advertisers and distributors and program television channels for the Internet.

"It will provide tremendous opportunities for our clients," said WMA CEO Jim Wiatt, calling the alliance "exciting and innovative."

The collaboration will by no means restrict WMA from working with clients on other platforms. Instead, the agency hopes to gain a greater market intelligence regarding the development of future niche channels and to create more tangible opportunities and content assets for advertisers.

"The rise of consumer power and choice in video is similar to the one I saw in the telecom business in the last two decades," Narrowstep CEO David McCourt said. "There is no better partner than entertainment powerhouse WMA to create opportunities for today's Internet demand."

This latest partnership represents the increase of such ties between Hollywood agencies and Internet companies.

In January, UTA Online, the broadband division of UTA, announced a partnership with Internet TV broadcasting system Veoh Networks to create a branded online channel devoted to showcasing new talent and content produced by UTA clients.

CAA formed an alliance in November with online video company Revver in an effort to bring marketing opportunities and talent to the Web site.