WME Bashes CAA in Halloween-Themed Clips (Videos)

The agency released two videos Wednesday night, bragging about their successes while poking fun at the rivaling group.

WME is getting into the Halloween spirit -- and doing so by taking shots at rival agency CAA.

On Wednesday night, WME released two Halloween-themed videos, titled "Alternative Methods" and "The Pitching Hour," bragging about their recent successes. In the former, the clip opens with unscripted agent Adam Gelvan (who also penned the piece) talking about WME's unscripted department making 130 sales in the last 3 months.

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Apparently, WME has been able to impose its will on the Hollywood community by casting spells and using black magic, exemplified by a WME agent who secures a deal after stabbing a voodoo doll labeled "CAA" and chanting "f--kers" several times to himself.

Meanwhile, "The Pitching Hour" explores how the film department makes successful deals. As an agent (Friday Night Lights' Derek Phillips) explains to a curious female reporter, "when the clock strikes the pitching hour, we sell." She wants to know more, and is presented with a blue drink and a red drink (a la The Matrix's pills) after being asked how far down the rabbit hole she wants to go. After downing the red drink, she wakes up and discovers 3:33 is WME's magical pitching hour.

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This isn't the first time WME has taken a light-hearted stab at CAA. In June, WME posted a series of CAAN'T posters around Hollywood as a parody to CAA's white-on-red logo.

Watch the videos below.

"Alternative Methods"

"The Pitching Hour"