WME Promotes Six to Partner (Exclusive)

Screengrab/Google Maps

The agency also has minted 10 new agents.

WME has promoted six agents to partner: Endeavor content agents Christine D’Souza Gelb and Deb McIntosh, production agent Jasan Pagni, music agents James Rubin and Kevin Shivers, and nonscripted television agent Lee White.

The new partners are based in Beverly Hills, except for Rubin, who is based in New York.

WME also has promoted 10 trainees to agent: in music, Carlos Abreu and Jonny Greenfield in London; Lara Christie in Beverly Hills and Danny Lieberman and Justin Nabors in New York; in digital, Justin Greenberg in Beverly Hills and Marissa Hurwitz in New York; in literary packaging, Flora Hackett in Beverly Hills; and in sports, Stan Kaufman and Jaclyn Reilly in New York.

Earlier in 2017, WME also promoted New York-based sports agent Carlos Fleming and Nashville-based country music agent Becky Gardenhire to the agency’s partnership, which numbers more than 100.

WME also minted 16 other new agents throughout the year, previously unannounced: in Endeavor Content, Jamie Adler and Joanna Korshak in Beverly Hills; in digital, Matthew Balick, CJ Fight, David Huntzinger, Andrew Kenward and Terrance Moore in Beverly Hills; in nonscripted television, Matthew Baskharoon in Beverly Hills and Antonia Melville in London; in talent, Mitchell Bukhar in Beverly Hills; in music, Michael Cherella in Beverly Hills; in motion picture literary, Hannah Davis and Nicholas Hoagland in Beverly Hills; in international club, Steel Hanf in Sydney; in club, Scott Schreiber in Beverly Hills; and in literary packaging, Lauren Szurgot in Beverly Hills.