WME Signs Oscar-Nominated Short Film Duo (Exclusive)

Anders Walter Kim Magnusson Split - H 2014
Courtesy of WME

Anders Walter Kim Magnusson Split - H 2014

Anders Walter and Kim Magnusson have been nominated for their live-action short “Helium.”

WME has signed Anders Walter and Kim Magnusson, the filmmakers behind the Oscar-nominated live-action short Helium, The Hollywood Reporter has learned.

This is Danish-born writer-director Walter’s first Academy nomination. His 2012 live action short 9 Meter made it to Oscar’s 10-film shortlist last year. Producer Magnusson has previously been nominated in the category four times, including a win in 1999 for the comedy short Election Night. His other nominated films were Helmer & Son, Wolfgang and Ernst & Iyset.

Walter continues to be repped by Independent Talent in the U.K.