WME's Andrew Weitz Exiting to Start Style Consultancy (Exclusive)

The agent, who has repped Rob Lowe and Ricky Gervais, tells THR his new business will "educate men on style to look and feel good."

One of Hollywood’s most stylish male agents is making his passion for fashion official.

WME’s Andrew Weitz tells The Hollywood Reporter that he is departing the agency (where brother Richard is a board member) March 1 to launch his own style consultancy firm, The Weitz Effect. What began as casual style advice for friends and became weekend shopping tutorials for colleagues and clients (his WME roster includes Rob Lowe, Ricky Gervais and Stephen Merchant) will soon be a full-time calling for the 18-year showbiz veteran, who will help male clients in various professional fields identify and express their unique personal styles.

“The Weitz Effect educates men on style to look and feel good so you can go into the world and crush it,” says Weitz, who believes wardrobe is instrumental to developing the confidence for professional and personal success. “Style is more than just how you look.”

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Although Weitz has been helping men with their sartorial sense on the side for over a decade -- he’s a member of Mr Porter’s Style Council and was profiled by the men’s fashion site in May -- he began seriously considering a career change New Year's Day 2013 as word of mouth about his style expertise and sensibility kept spreading. “I woke up and said to myself, ‘This is something that is too strong to ignore,’” he says. “It was this summer that I decided to take the leap.”

Weitz admits “about 5 to 10 percent” nervousness over giving up his WME post, but says the rest of what he feels is excitement. “Men’s fashion is here. There’s a movement going on, there’s no question, and I want to be at the forefront of it,” says Weitz, who loves Tom Ford and makes his own “A. Weitz” pocket squares. “Men are now aware of and embracing fashion, but most men don’t know how to put it together. I want to be the guy to help these guys.”