WMG has beef with DRM-free AnywhereCD


DENVER -- Michael Robertson, founder of the original MP3.com, has launched a new DRM-free music service called AnywhereCD, which is stocked with music from various Warner Music Group labels as well as such indie labels as SubPop and Roadrunner Records.

However, "AnywhereCD is selling Warner Music Group content in a manner that flagrantly violates the terms of our agreement," a WMG representative said. "Accordingly, we have sent them a notice of termination, and they are required to immediately remove all of our content from their site."

The service sells full albums only, not individual tracks, but the music purchased lacks any type of DRM. Once purchased, the album is stored in an online digital locker, from which buyers can download their music.

The company declined to discuss the terms of its licensing deals.