WMG offering artists' videos on Brightcove


NEW YORK -- Warner Music Group will make its artists' videos and other content available on a paid basis through Internet video site Brightcove, the companies said Thursday.

Under the terms of this agreement, the Web-based Brightcove video players will be employed on WMG's network of artist and label Web sites. Users will also be able to add the video players to their blogs, personal Web sites and social-networking pages.

"By using Brightcove, WMG will be able to bring their content directly to their fans in an experience that communicates their brands, takes advantage of powerful social networks and opens new sources of revenue," Brightcove chairman and CEO Jeremy Allaire said.

Brightcove and WMG will share in advertising revenue created from the agreement, and users will be able to access the footage through a pay-per-view model or other paid basis. This marks the first time that the record label will make its video content commercially available to consumers.

In addition to music videos, WMG will also feature artist interviews, live performances and "behind the scenes" footage on the Brightcove platform.

This agreement comes a little more than a month after WMG made a similar deal with YouTube in which the two companies agreed to share advertising revenue created from videos on the site featuring WMG artists.

"We want to give music fans many different entertainment-rich ways to experience our extensive video catalog and the content artists are creating every day for the digital space," said Alex Zubillaga, executive vp digital strategy and business development at WMG.