Wokalek has a 'Complex' for Eichinger


Rising star Johanna Wokalek has joined the cast of Bernd Eichinger's terrorist drama "The Baader-Meinhof Complex" in the role of infamous left-wing terrorist Gudrun Ensslin.

Wokalek, a theater actress who starred opposite Til Schweiger in the local- language romantic comedy "Barefoot" (2005), will topline "Complex" alongside established German stars Moritz Bleibtreu ("The Elementary Particles") and Martina Gedeck ("The Lives of Others").

Rounding out the "Complex" cast is a who's who of German stars, including Bruno Ganz and Alexandra Maria Lara — both of who starred in Eichinger's Hitler drama "Downfall" — Karoline Herfurth, who appeared in the producer's "Perfume: The Story of a Murderer," Nadja Uhl ("Summer in Berlin") and newcomer Hannah Herzsprung ("Four Minutes").

Director Uli Edel will begin shooting "Complex" in the summer in Munich and Berlin. Constantin Film plans to release the film in the fall in Germany.