How Armani Dressed 'The Wolf of Wall Street'

DiCaprio and Armani (inset)

Costume designer Sandy Powell brings the designer’s iconic ‘90s power suiting to the big screen.

This story first appeared in the Dec. 20 issue of The Hollywood Reporter magazine.

When The Wolf of Wall Street costume designer Sandy Powell was looking for specific suiting for Leonardo DiCaprio's 1990s New York stockbroker, who better than Giorgio Armani? The Italian maestro ruled that decade with his power suits and has wardrobed more than 200 films, from his first outing, 1980's American Gigolo, to GoodFellas and The Departed.

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"I remember the period well, when my deconstructed suiting emerged as an emblem of success," said Armani recently. "The era of power dressing on Wall Street projected tremendous amounts of resolute strength." Says Powell, thrilled to access the Armani archives: "We endeavored to capture that iconic look through our partnership with Mr. Armani. It was all about a jacket silhouette that was fluid and structured at the same time."