Wolfgang Becker, Dani Levy partner for 'Oskar'

Period comedy set in 1945 and centers on last Nazi pic made

BERLIN -- Wolfgang Becker and Dani Levy, two of the most successful and acclaimed directors in Germany, will collaborate for the first time on "Oskar," a new period comedy, which Levy will write and Becker will direct.

Set in 1945, "Oskar" tells the true story of the last Nazi film ever made. Stars of Germany's UFA Studio, including infamous director Leni Riefenstahl, flee war-wracked Berlin to the Austrian countryside, where the last production given the greenlight by Josef Goebbles is being shot. But the local population, anticipating the U.S. army any day now, wants nothing to do with the Nazi celebrities.

Levy and Becker are long-time friends and business partners. Together with Tom Tykwer and producer Stefan Ardnt they run Berlin shingle X Filme, whose productions include "Good Bye, Lenin!," "Run, Lola, Run" and Oscar nominee "The White Ribbon."

Both directors have won Germany's Oscar-equivalent, the Lola. Becker for "Good Bye, Lenin!" in 2003 and Levy for "Go for Zucker!" in 2004.

Becker is currently in production on "Kaminski and Me," his first feature since "Good Bye, Lenin!." Levy's latest, the autobiographical comedy "Life is Too Long" is still on release in Germany.

X Filme is still putting together financing for "Oskar." A shooting date has not been set.
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