'Woman in Gold' Trailer: Helen Mirren Fights to Restore Family History

The film is set to hit theaters April 23, 2015

A new trailer for Woman in Gold, starring Helen Mirren and Ryan Reynolds, has debuted.

Mirren plays Maria Altman, a Jewish refugee fighting to protect her heritage. She enlists the help of a young lawyer, Randol Schoenberg, played by Reynolds.

The film, directed by Simon Curtis, sets Altman on a quest to retrieve her family's possessions stripped from them by the Nazis in World War II. Among the possessions is Gustav Klimt's painting The Lady in Gold.

The film also stars Katie Holmes, Daniel Bruhl and Tatiana Maslany.

Woman in Gold is set to hit theaters April 3, 2015.

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12:45 pm, Dec. 23 Updated to correct the release date of the film