Woman Jailed for Overdue VHS of Jennifer Lopez's 'Monster in Law' (Video)

Monster in Law Jane Fonda Jennifer Lopez
New Line Cinema/Courtesy Everett Collection

MONSTER-IN-LAW, Jane Fonda, Jennifer Lopez, 2005

Kayla Finley rented the movie in 2005 from a now-defunct store and forgot about it for nine years, even as a warrant for her arrest hung over her head.

South Carolina police have given one woman reason to dislike Monster in Law even more than the critics who panned it back in 2005.

Police in Pickens, S.C., jailed Kayla Finley for failing to return a copy of the Jennifer Lopez movie she had checked out nine years earlier, Fox Carolina reports. Officers took Finley into custody after she came to the station to report a crime, and officials realized there was a warrant out for her arrest.

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According to warrants, Finley rented the cassette from the now-defunct Dalton Video. She was sent several letters from the store warning her to return the video, as well as a certified warrant on Sept. 12, 2005.

In a post on Fox Carolina's Facebook page, a woman claiming to be Finley denied that she intended to keep the movie, saying she moved out of state after renting it and forgot about the cassette. The woman said she did not receive notices from the store, either.

"I'm no criminal, but pickens county sheriffs office sure made me feel like i was," she wrote.

Finley was charged with petty larceny and spent the night in jail Thursday. She was released Friday on a $2,000 personal recognizance bond, WYFF4 reported.

An officer with Pickens County Sheriff's Office said no one would be available to comment on the case until Monday morning. Attempts to contact Finley have been unsuccessful so far.