Woman From Kevin Hart Sex Tape Scandal Speaks Out With Attorney Lisa Bloom

Lisa Bloom and Montia Sabbag Kevin Hart Press Conference - Getty - H 2017
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Montia Sabbag insists "this is not about money" and asks Hart to help her bring the criminal to justice.

Attorney Lisa Bloom held a press conference Wednesday morning in Woodland Hills, Calif. with her client Montia Sabbag to address the "sexually provocative" video Sabbag made with comedic actor Kevin Hart.

"Montia is a crime victim," Bloom said at the conference. "Someone apparently snuck cameras into Kevin Hart’s private hotel suite in Las Vegas and recorded bedroom images of the two of them. It is a crime to secretly put cameras in a private place like a hotel room. It is another crime to secretly record people in a private place. It is yet another crime to distribute those images. Montia is the victim of multiple felonies under state and federal laws."

Bloom made it clear that she and her client were not pursuing any compensation from Hart, noting that he, too, was a victim of the taping, adding that they were simply asking for Hart's help in bringing the criminal to justice. 

"Montia and I are not asking for a cent from Kevin Hart," Bloom said. "This is not about money. We are not suing him. We are not making any claims against him. Any reports to the contrary are false. Kevin Hart appears to be the victim of this criminal, just as Montia is a victim of this criminal."

Sabbag also made it clear she was not out for payment from Hart. "I’m not an extortionist," she said. "I’m not a stripper. I’m a recording artist and an actress and I have not broken any laws. I had nothing to do with these recordings."

Earlier this week, Hart, who has been married to Eniko Parrish since 2016, apologized for the incident to his wife and children in an Instagram video. “I’m not perfect. I’m not gonna sit up here and say that I am, or claim to be, in any way, shape or form,” Hart said in the video. “And I made a bad error in judgment, I put myself in an environment where only bad things can happen, and they did.”

Sabbag similarly shared her apologies at Wednesday's press conference. "I hired Lisa Bloom solely to protect my legal rights. I am truly sorry for any involvement I had in this," said Sabbag.

Bloom ended her press conference with a call for justice on the filmer of the tape in question, saying, "To the criminal who did this, I say: You belong in prison, and we are going to find you."