Women in Entertainment Class Photo: Meet the New Mentees and Graduates

WIE - 36 girls to watch- Meet the New Mentees and Graduates - SPLASH - H 2016

The 36 teenagers of THR's Women in Entertainment Mentorship Program (done in partnership with Big Brothers Big Sisters of Greater Los Angeles) are Hollywood's young women to watch. Three girls in the program were awarded full scholarships at THR's annual breakfast held at Milk Studios on Dec. 7 in Los Angeles.

The day started promisingly enough. I woke at the crack of dawn, anxiously ripped through my emails and texts, pulled on my best suit and shiniest shoes, and set out for Milk Studios, where three girls from THR's 8-year-old Mentorship Program that I help run were about to receive life-changing scholarships to Loyola Marymount University. Then, just as I was rushing inside for THR's Women in Entertainment breakfast, a photographer called my name, I posed for a snapshot, turned — and fell headlong into a pool.

Thirty-six teenage girls in our Mentorship Program gaped in horror. What can you say? Sometimes luck just isn't on your side. But it was for the girls who, a couple of hours later, got the surprise of their lives when they were awarded $240,000 scholarships, with LMU matching funds provided by producer Chuck Lorre (39) and new financing/production company 1-2-3-Go! Entertainment (co-founded by Chris Savino (43), Laura Lizer (37), a 2017 mentor, and Don Johnson).

I joined the winners — Laura (26), Liliana (35) and Delia (22) — for another photo, a bit damp but no less proud of the monumental achievements of THR's mentees. I've often thought of pride coming before a fall; this was a rare instance of a fall coming before pride.

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1. Amanda
2. Keary
3. Kaiya
4. Jasmine
5. Judith
6. Jennifer
7. Kinnah'd
8. Celine
9. Maritza
10. Jordyn
11. Neida
12. Rashell
13. Carla
14. Adriana
15. Karen
16. Melany
17. Valeria
18. Idalia
19. Cynthia
20. Jenny
21. Mey came here from Cambodia as a child, and has to help her mother at work when she’s not studying
22. Delia
23. LaTierra, still only 15, dreams of becoming an attorney.
24. Nancy
25. Gabriela
26. Laura
27. BBBS/LA's Tiffany Siart
28. Alison
29. Ana
30. Galloway
31. Dariana
32. LMU film and TV dean Stephen Ujlaki
33. Andrea
34. Sirarpi
35. Liliana's art portfolio helped her fulfill her dream of being accepted into LMU’s animation program.
36. Citlali (paired with Fox’s Rita Tuzon) has a 4.0 GPA and hopes to go to Harvard or Northwestern.
37. When she’s not doing her day job as a top business manager, Laura Lizer chairs the BBBS/LA board.
38. LMU president Timothy Law Snyder
39. Lorre provided funding for not one but two scholarships.
40. Monique
41. Karina spent much of the past year at photo shoots with her mentor, THR photo director Jennifer Laski.
42. Kathy
43. Savino

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