Women in Entertainment Mentorship Class Photo: Meet the Graduates and New Girls Getting "Wings to Fly"

Women in Entertainment Class Photo 2017 - Mentees - Photographed by Austin Hargrave-H 2017
Photographed by Austin Hargrave

Twenty-one high school juniors gather with seniors just completing THR's program, now entering its 10th year of pairing L.A. area high school girls with top female Hollywood execs.

Just an hour before THR’s Women in Entertainment gala got underway Dec. 6, things were looking awfully shaky. Word spread that a fierce brush fire was racing toward Bel Air, endangering many attendees’ homes and keeping several stellar names (Meryl Streep, Selena Gomez and Amy Pascal) from attending. Miraculously, their houses were unscathed — and so was a highlight of THR’s year: its annual presentation of full-ride scholarships to some of the mentees in the 9-year-old Women in Entertainment Mentorship Program, a joint venture between THR and Big Brothers Big Sisters of Greater L.A.

Thanks to the generosity of Shark Tank entrepreneur-inventor Lori Greiner and producer Chuck Lorre, three girls from low-income families in South and East L.A. were awarded scholarships to Loyola Marymount University worth $250,000 each. But it was a fourth scholarship recipient? who stole the show: When Gal Gadot made a surprise appearance to announce the creation of the first Wonder Woman Scholarship (funded by Warner Bros.), a visibly shocked Carla Arellano, 19, took the stage and stunned the audience with her speech. “Feet,” she said, quoting Frida Kahlo, “what do I need you for when I have wings to fly?”

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1.  Kaiya ?

2. Only one blot stained Lorre scholarship winner Jordyn’s day: Her mentor, Adriene Bowles, was in Paris on business. 

3.  Jasmine ?

4. Judith won the Lori Greiner scholarship 

5.  Egypt ?

6.  Alyssa ?

7.  Alison ?

8.  Maritza ?

9. Dariana ?

10.  Jenny ?

11.  Karen ?

12.  Shirleya ?

13.  Alexandria ?

14.  Melany received a Lorre scholarship. 

15.  Keary ?

16.  Mey ?

17. Celine?

18. LaTierra

19. Jennifer

20. Denise?

21. Lauryn

22. Angelica

23. Kalis?

24. Joselyn

25. Ana?

26. Rashell

27. Veronica

28. Trisha Cardoso, the head of the Chuck Lorre Family Foundation, which has funded four scholarships worth $1 million. 

29. Mia

30. Arianna

31. Teresa

32. Neida

33. LMU president Tim Snyder has agreed to match all the scholarship money donors raise. 

34. Zyrah

35. Steve Ujlaki, dean of the LMU film school, helps oversee the 17 girls now there on full WIE scholarships 

36. THR’s Matthew Belloni

37. Katherine

38. Warner Bros. executive Dee Dee Myers helped coordinate the first-ever Wonder Woman scholarship. 

39. Mentorship manager Jenny Vasquez

40. Shark Tank’s Greiner was ?so moved, she said she wants to help other mentees through college. 

41. THR’s Galloway

42. Jennifer

43. BBBS chairman Laura Lizer

44. Paula?

45. Yvette

46. Yessenia

47. LMU’s Stacy Barnes

48. Emily

49. Jazmin

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