East Coast Transplant Seeks Love (and Fame) With Ode to 'Women of L.A.' (Video)

Women of LA Screen Grab - H 2013
DJ Lubel/YouTube

Women of LA Screen Grab - H 2013

Pauly Shore, Dennis Haskins and Jaleel White have cameos in the song embodying sexual frustration.

Just in time for Valentine’s Day comes an ode to failing to find that special someone in Los Angeles.

In The Women of L.A., New York transplant DJ Lubel discovers that the city's women have pretty high standards when it comes to whom they bestow their favors on.

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West Hollywood girls ask a man, "Who are you repped by?" before asking his name. Silver Lake women are so hip they were rejecting him before it was cool. He's so desperate for action, he’d give Beverly Hills’ Persian girls “another Beemer” just to touch him (if he weren't so poor). 

So who is getting action? Dudes with cash and legit IMDb credits, such as Pauly Shore and Mr. Belding (Dennis Haskins).

Lubel resolves to some day “blow Ryan Murphy” and earn a spot on Glee that will finally get him some female attention.

The video also includes a rap section from Jaleel White and a nod to The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air.