Women's website starts petition to save 'Huge'

Says too few TV shows portray fat characters as 'humans'

Fall TV schedule gorges on weight-loss shows

A day after ABC Family canceled its freshman series "Huge," Jezebel.com has started an online petition to save the weight-loss drama.

In the petition, Jezebel.com's Dodai Stewart argues that there are too few TV shows that feature overweight characters, and on the shows where fat characters do exist, they are typically treated as a punchline.

"'Huge' was different, of course, because although the show was about teenagers at a weight-loss camp, weight loss was actually just a fraction of the issues the kids (and adults) were dealing with," the petition reads. "The characters juggled dilemmas relating to crushes, self-confidence, popularity, rumors, toxic friendships, sexual urges, family drama, jealousy, embarrassment, sexual orientation, creativity, lying, cheating, rebellion, body odor, nerdiness and body image. In other words, it reminded us that fat people are people. Humans."

"Huge," which stars Nikki Blonsky and Hayley Hasselhoff, averaged 1.9 million viewers over 10 episodes this summer.

"But I'd be willing to guess that for the almost two million people it touched, the impact was really important," Stewart writes.