Won Bin becomes 'This Man' in 2010

'Mother' star plays dark hero in upcoming blockbuster

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BUSAN, South Korea -- Won Bin, one of Korea’s elite leading men, will next star in United Pictures’ “This Man,” an action drama set to be a summer 2010 blockbuster.

The $4 million film, now in pre-production, sets Won as a man with a dark past in a desperate quest to save a young girl who is his only friend. Producers Opus Pictures are currently considering a newcomer for the role.

The film is written and scripted by Lee Jeong-beom whose debut effort 2006’s crime drama “Cruel Winter Blues” was a critical success. Lee said the film will have a look and feel somewhere between “Leon” and the Bourne series.

Production is scheduled to get underway in December with delivery for summer next year. International sales are handled by United Pictures.

Won was star of the super-hit “Taegukgi” and Bong Joon-ho’s Cannes film “Mother.”

Producer Lee Tae-hun is also in Pusan attending the PPP with Bong’s project “La Transperceneige.”