Gal Gadot Discusses TV Ad Controversy, Wonder Woman Casting

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The film's Gal Gadot hit the carpet for the fifth installment of Universal's action-drama  franchise.

The Israeli model-turned-actress talks about women's rights and career choices in Hollywood and at home.

Israeli model-turned-actress Gal Gadot, who will portray Wonder Woman in the upcoming Batman-Superman film, on Monday night addressed a controversial commercial she shot for an Israeli fashion brand, which some in her native country have called inappropriate.

The 28-year-old former Miss Israel is featured in the new TV commercial for Castro, as part of an ongoing gig that she has had since 2008. Israeli financial newspaper Globes reported that regulatory body The Second Authority for Television & Radio has received numerous complaints from people who criticized Gadot’s “twerking” and said the spot objectifies women and was inappropriate for daytime TV.

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While the regulator has ruled that the claims weren't founded, Gadot herself referred to the debate Monday night during an interview with Israel’s Channel 2 News.

"I am very much in favor of women's rights, being a woman myself, and I support intelligent, successful, independent working women,” she said. “I shot the commercial from a place of having fun and amusement. Not every commercial comes with a certain agenda. For me, it was fun, and I had no intention of hurting anyone.”

Referring to increased attention following her high-profile casting as Wonder Woman, Gadot said that as much as she was grateful to have Hollywood prospects, she is always most excited and touched when going back to work in Israel, alongside friends and family.

"All in all, the support has been amazing," she said before addressing her role in her career choices. "I'm a million percent involved, and I don't relate to myself as a brand. It's embarrassing for me to say that. I'm a human being, an actress, a model, and that is what I do for a living. Behind all that, there's a troop of agents in Israel and the U.S. that all [develop], together with me, a strategy or direction in terms of decision-making or deciding not to take a certain offer."

Gadot also responded to naysayers in general, adding: “No matter what I do, there will always be those who will love it and those who won't. So I keep on going my way, and whoever is with me, they're with me.”