Wong Jing tackles 3D comedy

'King of Jesters' to be produced by Mega-Vision

HONG KONG -- 1990s Hong Kong hitmaker Wong Jing is trying his hand at comedy with the first Chinese comedy in stereoscopic 3D. The film will feature kung fu, animals, and Hong Kong comedian Jim Chim.

In the 20 million yuan (US$3 million) "The King of Jesters" produced by Wong's Mega-Vision, Chim will display his knack for physical comedy playing an animal tamer who was raised in a Shaolin-style temple. "It is the first Chinese comedy shot in 3D and features animals, a comedy for the whole family, especially for kids, so it can sustain for a long time," Wong told the Hollywood Reporter.

The 3D comedy is directed by Chinese helmer Wang Guang-li, who, having made the first Chinese 3D film "Nutcracker," was one of the few Chinese directors with experience in shooting in stereoscopic 3D.

"All About Love," the urban romantic comedy from award-winning Hong Kong director Ann Hui ("The Way We Are," "Summer Snow"), is also among the Mega-Vision slate. The film starred comedian Sandra Ng and featured the comeback of 1990s pop idol Vivian Chow. The two starred as a lesbian ex-couple who reunited after finding out about their respective pregnancies.

"Hong Kong people's morality standard remains in the 1960s, but their actions are much more advanced than their thinking," Hui said.

Wong also returns to familiar grounds with "Naked Soldiers", the US$4 million three-quel to his sex and crime series "Naked Weapon" and "Naked Killer," which raised to cult status in Europe with their main draw of T&A and guns. Next, Mega-Vision will also begin production of the 30 million yuan (US$4.4 million) action adventure "Aladdina," starring Louis Koo and the Hong Kong pop group Twins.

The US$10 million Andy Lau scifi starrer "Future X-Cops," which had been delayed because of a lengthy postproduction process in Korea to boost the films visual effects amidst rumors of financial woes of one of the film's investors. Wong refuted those claims and the film is expected to be released on April 15 in China and Hong Kong.
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