Woody Allen in '92: Sexual-Assault Allegations 'A Total Nonevent' (Video)

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Woody Allen

The legendary writer-director recalled in a "60 Minutes" interview the nasty threats Mia Farrow made against him, including repeatedly saying she'd kill him and "You took my daughter, and I'm going to take yours."

Woody Allen defended himself against allegations he molested adopted daughter Dylan Farrow in a 1992 interview with 60 Minutes conducted shortly after the Connecticut police began investigating the situation.

During the sit-down in his Manhattan apartment, the director insisted that nothing happened between him and Dylan.

"A gigantic industry has been built on a total nonevent, and when I say total nonevent, I mean total nonevent," he told host Steve Kroft. "It wasn't -- it wasn't as if, you know, I tickled my daughter or something and much has been exaggerated. I'm saying nothing at all. I mean, I went up and played with the kids, read them stories, did -- did my usual things. We played out on the lawn and, you know, had a wonderful time with them, and out of this has grown lawyers and psychologists and district attorneys and private investigators and -- I mean, I'm saying it's a multimillion-dollar industry that has sprouted up over a total nonevent."

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Allen added that it's "illogical" that in the middle of a contentious custody fight he would drive up to Connecticut to a family that's turned against him and use that visit to molest his child.

Allen also raised the possibility that Dylan had "been coached methodically [by Mia] to tell the story," something his lawyer reiterated during an interview on Tuesday's Today.

Dylan published an open letter on the New York Times website on Saturday in which she claimed that Allen molested her when she was 7 years old, exposing him to renewed allegations of child abuse. Allen has not directly commented on the new allegations, but, through his spokeswoman Leslee Dart, he called Dylan's letter "untrue and disgraceful," and his lawyer, Elkan Abramowitz, told Today that Mia "implanted" the idea Dylan was molested in her head.

During the 60 Minutes interview, Allen repeatedly called the allegations "insane" and "incredible." He also discussed how Mia began making vicious threats against him, including calling him in the middle of the night and saying she was going to kill him, and referring to him as the devil incarnate and a child molester after she found out that he'd been having an affair with her adopted daughter Soon-Yi Previn.

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In fact, he said she even called him a month before the alleged sexual assault occurred and told him, "I have something very nasty planned for you." She also repeatedly told him, according to Allen, "You took my daughter, and I'm going to take yours."

When asked whether Mia was so upset by everything that happened with Previn that she became convinced something had happened to Dylan as well, or that there was some sort of misunderstanding, Allen said on 60 Minutes, "There is no possibility. There is no possibility that anything remotely ever happened to Dylan or that I ever did anything to Dylan, and I'm saying not even in a cursory way."

He allowed that Mia may believe that he molested Dylan, but Previn doesn't believe that it happened.

Allen, whose film Blue Jasmine is up for three Oscars, admitted back then that he thought his reputation had been destroyed by the allegations, but he said he doesn't care if people think he's a child molester and if that affects his career.

"I don't think I can ever get my reputation back, but I don't care about that," he said. "It's irrelevant to me that if I walk down the street and someone thinks, 'Hey, wasn't that the guy that was once accused of child molestation? Well, he denied it, but we never really knew if it was so or not.' You know, that doesn't bother me. That's the least of my concerns. I care -- if you tell me that I could see my children and be with them and all of that, that's all that I care about. It doesn't matter to me if tomorrow you said to me, 'No one is ever going to see your films again,' or 'You will never be hired again,' this kind of thing. It doesn't, you know, it would not matter to me."

Watch Allen's full interview with 60 Minutes below.