Woody Allen Doc Reveals Bright Side to Public Affair: It Made Him Less 'Bland' (Video)

Woody Allen Soon Yi Walking - P 2011

Woody Allen Soon Yi Walking - P 2011

The director opened up about his scandalous departure from Mia Farrow in the '90s, when he left the actress for her adopted daughter, Soon-Yi.

In the second installment of PBS' American Masters documentary about Woody Allen, the director spoke candidly about the public fallout from his 1992 affair with then-partner Mia Farrow's adopted daughter (via Jezebel).

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Now married to Soon-Yi for 14 years, Allen seems to remain a bit surprised by all the fuss over his love life.

"Believe it or not, I didn't think I was that famous to warrant such coverage," he said. "Everybody had an opinion about my private life which i felt they were all free to have."

And it wasn't all that bad. Allen mentioned an unexpected silver lining to all of the public condemnation for his May-December romance.

"Apparently it was good juicy story,  a very juicy story," he said. "It took a little edge off my natural blandness."

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Still, Allen addressed the scandal's worst effects, his custody battle with Farrow over their three children.

Allen's frequent collaborator, casting director Juliet Taylor, added that the director remained committed to his work while going through the legal proceedings.

"It was almost as if Woody has dreaded so many bad things happening to him in life," she said, "that when something really bad did happen to him, he was totally prepared."