'Work It' Trailer: Sabrina Carpenter Finds Her Own Beat as She Forms Dance Troupe of Misfits

Work It - Poster Art - EN-US-Netflix Publicity - H 2020
Courtesy of Netflix

The Laura Terruso-directed Netflix movie also stars Liza Koshy, Michelle Buteau and Jordan Fisher.

In Work It, Sabrina Carpenter plays Quinn Ackerman, a high-school student who dreams of joining the dance team to better her chances of getting into a top-tier college. All would be possible if it weren't for one major complication: Ackerman lacks any fancy footwork skills.

"Beyoncé, Queen Bey, I pray that you make my feet swift tomorrow and that you make my moves have swagger," Ackerman begs the night before a big audition. "In the name of the 'Single Ladies' video and the Lemonade short film, I pray."

Unable to join the snobby elite dance squad at her school, Ackerman gathers an unlikely gang of students to begin her own. With the help of Liza Koshy's character and social media, Ackerman builds her own troupe, hoping to bring them to the big Work It dance competition.

But despite the group of talented misfits, Carpenter and Koshy's characters see the group is missing a key element: a choreographer.

In comes Jordan Fisher's capable character, a winning dance captain.

"Look, you guys aren't the most skilled dancers," he tells the makeshift team. "That's what we're up against."

The trailer, which dropped Thursday, sees Ackerman finding her own beat and her team succeed at smaller dance competitions, leading to the bigger stage. The teaser also features Ackerman catching feelings for the dance captain.

Over an upbeat dance song, Ackerman and Fisher's captain engage a steamy tango and the unlikely dance team hits the Work It stage. Once nervous about dancing, Ackerman begins swaying her hips and turning in the school library.

"The Work It stage, it's huge," Fisher warns. "No new team has ever won it."

"This is our only chance," responds Ackerman.

Work It, directed by Laura Terruso, comes to Netflix on Aug. 7. 

Watch the trailer below.