Much to work out at WMA

Who would remain on board after merger is a big question

The WMA board meeting Tuesday afternoon likely was one of the more tense in the storied history of the 120-year-old agency. That's because the 20-member body has to grapple with the fact that a merger with Endeavor means WMA agents on the combined board likely will total just five or six, to mirror the number that comes from the other side.

Many WMA stalwarts soon will have their noses out of joint and their resumes ready if they aren't on the new team.

Among the strongest contenders to be on a combined board, other than WMA CEO Jim Wiatt and president David Wirtschafter, are COO Irv Weintraub, motion picture head John Fogelman and New York-based literary co-head Jennifer Rudolph Walsh. That could leave a lot of heavyweights standing when the music stops, including reality chieftains Mark Itkin and John Ferriter as well as music maven Peter Grosslight. (Reality and music are two of WMA's strong suits.)

Given the fluidity of the situation, speculation is rampant throughout the agency's ranks about who's in and who's out -- as well as who ultimately might jump ship or join rival agencies.

A few names of casualties at Endeavor also are beginning to surface, but there will be less blood-letting on that side given the agency's smaller size.

So, will the WMA board actually vote to approve a merger with Endeavor, a vote that probably won't take place until next week? That's the $64,000 question.