Workers join class struggle


Just in time for the next depression, Dominic Monaghan and Freddy Rodriguez star in a horror thriller offering one potential solution to our economic problems.

Set in 2100, "Fortuna" envisions an Earth where a collapsed economy and climate crises have eliminated the middle class, leaving a few very wealthy and the teeming masses in severe poverty. To give hope and avoid revolt, the elite create Fortuna, a mysterious game where one in a thousand wins a big payday and joins the upper classes. But their hidden goal to "reduce poverty" by 30% over 50 years comes with a deadly price.

Monaghan, Rodriguez and "Fortuna" writer-director Barthelemy Grossmann will play desperate men who play the game in a nearby tower despite apprehensions that none of its contestants is ever seen again.

The privately financed film will be produced by Laurent Zilber and co-produced by Scott Duncan. It's the second feature and English-language debut of Swiss helmer Grossmann (France's "13 m2").

The six-week "Fortuna" shoot begins Nov. 10 in Sofia, Bulgaria.

Monaghan is repped by APA. Rodriguez is repped by ICM and Kass Stokes Management. (partialdiff)