Working Title finds 'Young@Heart' writer

'I'm With Cancer' scribe Will Reiser to pen film remake of doc

NEW YORK -- "I'm With Cancer" scribe Will Reiser is in talks to write "Young@Heart," Working Title's narrative remake of Fox Searchlight's singing-senior documentary.

Working Title acquired remake rights to "Heart" in 2007, with the project now potentially getting a new burst of development. Bob Nelson wrote a previous draft of the screenplay.

Stephen Walker's original "Heart" tells the story of a group of Northampton, Mass., seniors who, under the tutelage of a younger choir director, sing versions of songs from artists such as The Clash, Coldplay and James Brown.

In addition to reveling in the comedy of seniors performing blues and punk numbers, it also focuses on the lives of the performers, several of whom passed away during the course of production.

The pic earned $4 million domestically in a difficult climate for documentaries.

The UTA- and Thruline-repped Reiser has writing experience with true-life tales: "Cancer," about a twentysomething man who is diagnosed with the disease, is based on events from his own life. Reiser also counts series such as HBO's "Da Ali G Show" among his producing credits.

"Heart" continues a trend toward scripted remakes of docs, with the Maysles Bros'. "Grey Gardens" getting the narrative treatment from HBO and a feature version of nonfictioner "Air Guitar Nation" in development at Paramount.

Working Title is behind upcoming films such as Paul Greengrass actioner "Green Zone" and Jason Segel comedy "The Adventurer's Handbook."