World Cup 2014: 'Chile Con Carnage' as the Internet Mocks Spain's Early Exit

Spain vs. Chile World Cup - H 2014
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Spain vs. Chile World Cup - H 2014

Spain's squad is depicted packing its bags, hailing taxis and going down with the Titanic as the web shows little sympathy for the onetime champions.

Spain's players still are the reigning World and European soccer champions, but, according to the web, they're chumps.

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Shortly after Spain's surprise 2-0 defeat by Chile in its second match of the 2014 World Cup — a loss that means Spain is out of the tournament no matter what its result against Australia on Monday — fans took to the Internet to gloat.

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The team of superstars, which includes Andres Iniesta, Gerard Pique, Xabi Alonso and Iker Casillas, were depicted as video game losers, tourists heading home and, in a particularly popular post, the band playing while the Titanic sank.

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Game Over

Like this

And the band played on ...

Heading home

Tiki-Taxi as Spanish goalie Iker Casillas catches a cab in this quick reaction promo tweet from an Australian online betting site.

The Wikipedia entry for Chile's national soccer team apparently was changed, briefly, right after the game. 

But Spanish national daily sports paper Marca summed it up best with their headline. "The End A woeful conclusion to the once glorious era of The Reds."


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