World Cup 2014: Dutch Actress Sparks Outrage Over Fake Image of Colombian Players Snorting Coke

Columbia Screen Grab - P 2014

Columbia Screen Grab - P 2014

Actress Nicolette Van Dam bowed to mounting public pressure following the Twitter scandal and has resigned as UNICEF ambassador.

MEXICO CITY ­– Dutch television actress Nicolette Van Dam has come under fire for tweeting an altered image depicting Colombian soccer players snorting free-kick spray as if it were cocaine.

A caption under the picture of Colombian players Falcao Garcia and James Rodriguez read, "Colombian wall."

Van Dam, a UNICEF ambassador, has since deleted the photo from her Twitter account and offered an apology for the joke.

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"Queridos Colombianos (dear Colombians), there was no offense intended from my side," she said. "Please accept my honest and sincere apologies."

After decades of civil conflict, much of which was tied to the drug trade, Colombia is a much safer place these days, yet offensive stereotypes of the past persist.

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"The status of Nicolette Van Dam as UNICEF ambassador should be revoked, she is a disgrace to the title," tweeted user Lorena Rodriguez.

UNICEF Colombia said late Thursday that Van Dam had resigned from the post of goodwill ambassador. A UNICEF representative also issued a written apology to the two Colombian players.