World Cup 2014: The 5 Best TV Moments from Germany vs Portugal

AP Images
Thomas Muller

The German giants blanked their opponents in a one sided 4-0 win.

Internationally admired looks did little for Cristiano Ronaldo and Portugal as the first match in this year's "Group of Death" resulted in a lopsided Germany win. Bone-headed moves and unfortunate injuries plagued the men in red who not only lost to the more unified Germans, but will be at a disadvantage when they take on the US this Sunday. Germany, meanwhile, delivered a most impressive beating, elevating to the top of the group off Thomas Muller's hat trick and unrelenting attacks. Scroll below to see how Germany made quick work of Portugal.

1. Muller's Early PK

The German striker had himself a day, starting the scoring barrage with a 12th minute Penalty Kick. The tide started and ended in Germany's favor as they built upon this early opportunity.

2. Pepe Turns Red

The Portugal defender was using his head, just not in the most helpful way. His first half head butt earned him a red card, an early exit, and a one game suspension.

3. Muller Adds Another

Just as it seemed Portugal would enter the half only down one, Thomas Muller sneaks a second goal in, turning in-the-box congestion into a showcase of footwork. 

4. The Cup's First Trick 

A botched interception lead to two shots on goal for the Germans, the second earning them a 4-0 lead and Muller the first hat trick of these Brazilian Games. He was subbed out shortly after, receiving a standing ovation as he left.

5. Ronaldo's Face of Anguish

It was a rough day for the entire Portugal team, but captain and international stud Cristiano Ronaldo sums it up best with his frown; a face that reads no goals, no luck, and no points for the Portuguese. 

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