World Cup 2014: Germany Blows Out Brazil, Twitter Explodes With Reactions

AP Photo/Frank Augstein

The host nation's record-breaking loss when Germany beat them 7-1 sparked such a constant play-by-play on social media that fans didn't even have to watch the match to follow the devastation.

Brazil entered Tuesday's semi-final World Cup clash against Germany without two of their star players, Neymar and Thiago Silva, but even going up against the favorite in the tournament — nobody predicted it would be such a brutal domination. 

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Even a final score of 7-1 can't convey they total humiliation in Bela Horizonte, as Brazil suffered a record-breaking defeat on their own field.

Social media was soon flooded with shocked reactions, from young Brazilian fans bawling in the stands, to comparisons of similar meltdowns — and a even a sympathetic Peyton Manning reliving his recent Super Bowl loss with the Denver Broncos. 

Discover what it was like follow the biggest loss by a home nation on Twitter below, goal by painful goal.

The atmosphere started off positive, with Brazilian football legend Pele congratulating the four teams still in the World Cup before kickoff.

Supermodel Gisele Bunchen — who will present the winners of the World Cup with the trophy — showed her loyalty by wearing just a Brazil national flag for a pre-match Instagram snap.

Brazilian fans were upbeat, with Neymar representing from the crowd at least in mask form, tweeted ESPN FC.

By the 11th minute, Thomas Muller scored the first of Germany's seven goals, and the kicks to the home nation's dreams kept coming and coming…

British comedian and avid football fan Russell Brand commented on what was quickly looking like a lopsided match.

With many comparing it to the Seattle Seahawks beat down of the Denver Broncos in the 2014 Super Bowl, even Seahawks wide receiver Golden Tate was in shock.

By 1.27 p.m. PT, Keith Olbermann was already predicting game over for the Brazilians.

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By minute 23, Mirosław Klose scored Germany's second goal and his 16th of the tournament, breaking the record of former Brazilian star Ronaldo.

Before the Brazlian fans could even gasp in horror, Toni Kroos fired one into the back of the net in the 26th...

... and they definitely hadn't got their breathe back before he was at it again just two minutes later with yet another goal! The cocky swagger even sparked recollections of notorious Wolf of Wall Street playboy Jordan Belfort.

A young crying Brazilian boy became the face of the nation.

Now four goals down, was it finally time for Brazil to start fighting back and look like champions instead of a junior soccer league. Nope.

The next goal by Sami Khedira sent the Twitterverse from a state of surprise to sympathy, as many — like hockey player Eddie Lack — just begged for it to stop.

While Grantland writer Brian Phillips thought he was dreaming — Brazil just wished they could wake up from the nightmare.

Seattle Sounders player Lamar Neagle suggested the "mercy rule."

But then went on to gloat a bit too.

Down in Sao Paulo, ESPN's Jeremy Schaap was witnessing a strange response out on the streets.

While some blamed the loss of Neymar from a fractured vertebra for the devastation, ESPN and Grantland's Men in Blazers pointed the finger at band wagon fan, Justin Bieber.

Others made inappropriate comments about World War II.

Or back to that recent Super Bowl blowout.

With most of the world ready to just hand the Cup over to Germany, the match was far from over, and Andre Schurrie drove two more nails into the coffin in minutes 69 and 79.

Was it finally time for Germany to stop the agony and let Brazil surrender? Not quite, but they did let one goal into the net at least, as Oscar strived for a last grasp of dignity in the 90th minute to prevent a total blowout.

With a final score of 7-1, even the Hulk could do nothing but hold his head in his hands.



The Office star B.J. Novak lamented that even in defeat, at least the Brazilians were surrounded by the biggest party in the world for four years.

U.S. national men's team coach and German native Jurgen Klinsmann was back to cheering for his homeland.

Whatever you do now, just don't tell Zach Braff the final score, he's got it TiVoed.