World Cup 2014: Mike Tyson Defends Luis Suarez Bite

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Mike Tyson

The boxer chalks up the infamous bite to "the heat of the moment."

From one biter to another, Mike Tyson used a Reddit AMA to defend Uruguayan soccer star Luis Suarez.

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"I think it is just the heat of the moment, really hot blooded and really competitive," Tyson wrote of Suarez's bite of Italian player Giorgio Chiellini. "The heat of the moment takes over us, we are really competitive and lose bad judgement [sic] in our thinking. Sometimes you can just become highly frustrated."

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After the bite, which earned Suarez a four-month ban from soccer, Tyson's own biting victim Evander Holyfield was among those who weighed in on Twitter.

Tyson also weighed in on the recent firing of Opie and Anthony host Anthony Cumia, who went on a racist tirade last week.

"In life we all say things we know we shouldn't have said, and sometimes we put it into a context where people absorb it different ways," Tyson wrote. "I don't think he is a racist, but who am I to judge? People say a lot of bad things about me and my past, but we must learn from mistakes and our history."

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Tyson received a ban from boxing for biting off part of Holyfield's ear during a 1997 match. The decision was reversed the next year.